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Alex Schweder

Alex Schweder, *1970 in New York City, USA,
lives and works in New York and Berlin

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Made to mark an end to the year of empty buildings, From The Want Of Purse To the Crave Of Pout reflects Alex Schweder’s current creative direction that re-imagines his inflatable environments as ‘spatiosonic’ instruments. Working in collaboration with sound artists to develop these devices, sound and space produce each other.

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Fiona Banner
aka The Vanity Press

Fiona Banner, *1966 in Merseyside, England,
lives and works in London

Sanitise Hands Not Culture

„These T-shirts were once white, I found a lot of them stashed away in my wardrobe, the hope of a new white T-shirt, is a sort of lie, a hope of an unstained, un germed life.

Now the T-shirts are various shades of pink and gray, a kind of palimpsest of numerous bad washes. I screen printed them and then layered them up to make another palimpsest – There is no surface there is only layering. Sanitise Hands Not Culture.
BTW The Guinness World record for max t shirts worn at once is 260!“ FB

Galerie Barbara Thumm \ December posts \ Alex Schweder