New Viewings #19

Curated by Fernando Bryce

New Viewings \ Alejandro Almanza

Alejandro Almanza

Alejandro Almanza, *1977 in Mexico City,
works and lives in Guadalajara Mexico

Almanza brings the columns which are supposed to hold and architectural structure to the inside of the gallery citing in reverse the ideas of the first century BC roman architect and writer Marco Vitruvio, who thought the column embodied beauty, strength and a functional element.

By turning architectural elements inside out the artist humorously elevates this Corinthian column as an arch rising from the debris, an allegory of defeat, or a new ruin that follow the artists interest on his experimentation on gravity, tension and materiality also present on his photographic works. A temporary configuration or an unfinished entropy arises as a result of these play on balance for the audience to walk into.

New Viewings \ Alejandro Almanza

Nicole Franchy

Nicole Franchy, *1977, Lima, Peru,
lives and works in Lima and Belgium

Channeling Georges Perec on Species of Spaces and other pieces and his meanderings about Space as definition, inventory or as an invention.

Franchy usual collage and installation works takes over the spaces with landscapes and drawings which conveys layering and compression of time and space on seemingly straight forward images. For New Visions she turns the gallery space into a simulated grid like space where her collages on museum exhibition spaces are spread out into a gallery white cube as an inward inverted unpacking, redefining not an outdoor indoor but a double interior situation.

Galerie Barbara Thumm \ New Viewings #19 \ Alejandro Almanza