New Viewings #7

Curated by Lydia Korndörfer

New Viewings \ Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

Marius Glauer

Marius Glauer, *1983 in Oslo, Norway,
lives and works in Berlin

The joyful photo works of Marius Glauer in “Dreams and Memories” lead us to where we’ve been or to where we want to be – may it be an Old Masters gallery, a glamorous sanatorium or a Buddhist temple surrounded by lotus flowers.

Open to different readings based on divers cultural backgrounds, one can discover everything from glossy collages to dystopian robots and vanitas still lifes in his images. The works demonstrate Glauer’s fascination for sur- and interfaces. He constantly challenges flatness in it’s extreme forms, while he creates the most tactile pictures at the same time. One can immediately feel, smell and even taste his works. And just like other sweet vices, they make you wanna have more.

Galerie Barbara Thumm \ New Viewings #7 \ Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
New Viewings \ Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

Lucia Kempkes

Lucia Kempkes, *1988 in Xanten, Germany,
lives and works in Berlin

What is it that makes us leave our cosy homes to explore the great outdoors? To sleep on the ground, climb mountains and glide down gorges? Desires one feels probably even more in these times.

Lucia Kempkes focusses on the emotional and psychological effects related to the mountain scenery. Her work series “I Wish I Could Climb” and “To Protect Us From What We Seek” play on the contradictory lives of adventurers: Cozy carpets show mountain peaks. Some bring the always improving tools that humankind develops to reach the impossible and conquest nature back home: They’re woven out of paraglider fragments. In her recent drawings Kempkes goes as far as to eliminate people and human traces from the images of heroic landscapes following the travelers’ illusion of an untouched.

New Viewings \ Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

Maximilian Rödel

Maximilian Rödel, *1984 in Germany,
lives and works in Berlin

In times like these, we realize that the future is unpredictable. There is only one thing we can say for sure and which won’t change for the next billions of years: The sun will rise again and again, every morning, no matter what’s happening here on Earth.

That’s the optimistic reading of Maximilian Rödel’s installation “Daybreaker.” But there is a dark side to it as well – the time before dawn. It’s the ruins of the gallery that appear as relicts of the night. A painting by Maximilian Rödel of his series “Fortunator” shines untouched through the empty and rough hall of concrete. The cloudy composition oscillates between a pastel light blue, rather poisonous greens and a strident yellow. It barely refers to any known natural spectacle, but whatever it might depict or prophesy – it could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

New Viewings \ Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, *1979 in Germany,
lives and works in Berlin

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld lives and works in Berlin. In her works organic and chemical elements collide with the digital, creating inevitable short circuits.

Thereby, the artist appropriates and recomposes concepts and fragments of various fields such as science, religion, comparative mythology, magic and technology. She activates and often creates her works through workshops and performances.

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